Friday, May 15, 2015

hello there! :D hahaha i am sorry after another 5 months till the next post, i really have no time to deal with my own free time. Since i'm in my final year, i have lots of thing to deal with, i mean homework. Yeap, homework. lol, no one's fav. So as i still remember my travel, and we went to bali for "study trip" for 10 days. 10 days is a longgggggggg day for a small place, i kinda regret though. but i do not regret the fun. 

well this is the our first day hotel, the door is quite small though 

 and we spent time on motor bikes and going another beach, i don't seem why i can't find those picture. 
oh i have one! haha this is one of our adventure while we got lost at the place, we are soaked with rain, going by all he dark night without any lights, we're afraid we can't get back to hotel. My friends went to surfing while i enjoy beside the sea. Seems super fun and adventurous! 

one of the night, we went to see dolphins at 6am, because they only came out at that hour. we woke up at 2am just to sit a ride to another beach which needs 3 hours distance, then we came up to a small boat and chase with all the dolphins. Luckily our boat lead by a leader, so we went far apart to see lots and lots and lots of dolphin! Feeling happy! 

we visit green school which built by bamboos only!

the holy temples where we need to wear sarong as a respect!

we went hiking with lecturer and we found this mysterious and the only nice cafe at the midway, we actually do our design at this place!

 one of the temple which looks like the Maze Runner movies, i wonder did they get the ideas from this area or not.
we climbed up far for a temple to see the surrounding.
this pictures conclude our trip! haha i gonna miss their massage, their food and the stupid hot sun which made me looked damn tan! :D


And while the month has reached April which i will be spending my last few days to be 20, and i have lots of friends celebrating with me.

my cosplay gang !! haha but they celebrated 2 weeks earlier..
i do not have the group pictures man! so i gonna upload this haha

this is my fav and biggest family group celebration, i love them so much! they knew what i want. hahaha actually not really, i wasn't expecting balloons, or some of my friends appearance. 
it's been super duper long since the last time i see them! really really love them with all my heart 

last but not least, with my UTAR classmates! We ate rocku, something like korean bbq but its super expensive! thanks for a little cake! i love it! and at night we actually went to sing k, till late night, then they sang birthday song to me, because its the exact date already!

and MY MAMIIIII, i must admit that i am super surprised when she called me and tell me she's at the lobby waiting for me. WOMAN, YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE IN KAMPAR AND NOT IN KL. YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO PREPARE FOR EXAM AND NOT HERE!
I feel like crying that day though, i did not expect she will be here for my 21st birthday, i am super duper happy! 

A sudden thoughts which i feel that i am the luckiest kid in this world, even my parents bought me a key necklace because its 21st, i dont expect them to buy too because some of the personal problem..

i think i will conclude the post here, since its been super long post already. haha! i will be updating soon since i am going krabi ! :D tata readers. xoxo

Friday, January 2, 2015

Yo bloggers. It's been super duper long since I blogged. Been really busy thanks to internship. And hell yeah, intern ended at December 15th last year for three months. And lots of ups and downs during that time. But I quite enjoyed actually. I missed my colleagues like my doge colleague who came in at the same timing as me. Really miss her. And some of le reasonable colleagues. Some two faced. Hah I'm not gonna complain much. Since I intern, I had more free time during weekend because I don't have any assignments to rush on, so I can actually do what I really want for three months. 
These are my colleagues. The best one I can say! 

After intern ended, I went to rush my cosplay stuff which is coming soon after two weeks after my intern ended. Yeah I started sew my own costume. Make my own props. 
Le progress of my costume. 

Weapon I suppose. 

Yeah I applied my architecture skill fully into my weapon and my costume. LOL isn't it great? At least it helped. After the 4th year of comic fiesta that I attended, I guess I really want to 'dive' which means less active on it. I really tired actually. :/ because after that event, I straight kena low blood pressure that caused me stay on bed for 2 days 2 nights. Even applied medication still the same. Meh. I even frustrated at myself for nearly-can't-go-for-countdown 2015. But at last I made it! Yay! 
These are the loves one and new members hahaha! Glad to have them celebrate together. But no fireworks. Kinda sad. :/. 

Here's my whole year of cosplay records. Weee! Next year more and more. Hopefully if I have the budget :3 :3 

New year new resolution. I have not complete my last year's so nope. No new resolution. But I will still blog here and rant here I guess. Hope 2015 would be a good year for me again since 2014 is a shitty year to me. :D


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boo. 2 months with no updates after the last post. I'm so sorry readers, my life would probably too busy for me to handle. Yes it is. Sometimes I feel that, all this problems that came to me, is my own fault. Because I wanna do it. Rants complains. Yeap. This will be a ranting post till some happy stuff.

Firstly, I helped out my juniors for their sports day, well, I shouldn't expect much, because I see costume, it ended up become none of them want to wear it. I spend so so so so much time for them, they just ended up not wearing it? I already warned them, it won't be good, I guess they just want some cheaplak stuff for their costume because they've been taking the students money as their payment of the class ? I wouldn't feel that bad, because they paid me. 

After that, I really busy with my projects because it's a really big big big big project where the model will be like A0 size ? And crazy man, all of them are external assessor, we wouldn't know what they're thinking tho. It's good too, at least i don't see favourism, but still the final decision mark would be my lecturer tho. just imagine you had spend 3 nights without sleeping, acted like a zombie to do all the projects, you'll get crazy, trust me.

Middle of the sem, i had another event again yay! my first sewing costume! :D

after exam, we celebrated a lot which i am lazy to talk about it LOL, And yeah, now i'm in intern alone, which is damn lonely T.T i miss my classmates a lot man! because internship is torturing :( sad okay, i shall continue soon!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

When the sun is bright enough to brighten up everyone's life.

Sorry for the super long never update, truly busy for many things. I shall start with some events happened after my last cosplay event, then i will go on with other stuff. Yeap, new sem, new starting, new things. We went China for the first week of the semester, it was cool, very cool. I was really excited about this trip since its the first trip where all of us went out together, i like how we all play together during the trip, how we enjoyed together with the night breeze.

This part, where everyone keep comment that, even i go china, i still want to cosplay. wtf, not i want lar, it just trying their culture ^^

 One of the primary school in china, eh, kindergarten, my mistake. 

 yay 3 of us.

 the other side of them, putting it b'cos they looked good here

 one of the lake which is in green and blue man. oh gawd.

 some of the streets at china.

walking to our journey

I won't be able to story everything since passed 9 weeks ago, i'm sorry tho :\ but its okay! after this china trip, i had this super boring camp at UIAM, which i really don't want to mention, but there got lots of different countries friends. BUT, I don't really like it, since you have to bath with cold water LOL, roommates running back to their home since this university is near to their house and i'm lonely T.T... HAHAHA okay whatever it is. 

Back to studies, 
I had this really bad design for my chalet, so i gotta work hard for my last project. I am trying not to care so much about other stuff since i have other things to aim for. Let's say, going UK for further studies? Standard too high, i beh tahan -.- my result wasnt that good, but i will work hard for everything.

Lately lots of dorama to watch, i would be happy to see it everyday, but please la, don't make people laugh hahaha.

Okay shall continue next time, gotta sew costume for the first time xD

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

so my birthday has passed quite awhile because i really busy with my exams. lol since when the heck my birthday didn't kena exam one ? it has been few years, and getting used to it. I'm really glad that almost the whole class came and celebrate with me, but i guess they just wanna eat the food instead of celebrating. But it's okay i will look at the bright side 8D

this sem exam was really last minute study tho. I've been gone through lots of hardship like mostly are suffering with depress. Welp, there are ups and downs, it depends who will walk with you till the end, or you remain. I have much more negative thoughts at the moment, but i believe i can go through it slowly. During the progress it might be hurt, it might heard something that you don't want to hear, and even heart broken seasons, but i can get over it. Because i heard much more horrible stuff to myself too.

Oh, and after exams, i went to an event tho!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hi! Another month has passed since I blogged. Second assignment over then after two days we rushed to Penang for our third project. It was quite rushing, yet I love this trip compare to langkawi trip. :)) I'm truly happy that the car people I sat with, and I finally know them well. That's why don't judge people lol. I don't know whether it matters to anyone. But yeah, he told me, he was once dislike me, then I replied, you know me through rumors at the beginning. Yeap. He agreed a little, because I didn't know it was spreading all the while though. 

Moreover, Penang trip has made me experienced a lot of new stuff. Like something I won't do in my whole life like I sweared? LOL! Okay sorry. I don't mean to do that. Back then, I thought I came back, it will go on like my normal life, but then it's different. I'm not quite too sure on it, whether is real or fake. To make myself happy, I guess I shall take it as happy things happened. 

During Penang trip, we went to our site, we visited a lot places, we ride bicycle( well I didn't ride, my favorite bro was fetching me throughout the place hehehe) and then we sleep late. 

Oh, almost forgot to mention! My hotel got caught on fire! Gosh. This is a bad experienced man. That night where all my roommates are asleep, I heard noises outside my hotel, welp. Since my hotel is middle of the town center, there are lots of prostitude, drunktards, drug eaters around there. I thought they're arguing something till the hotel ring loudly, my friend panicking knocking my door asking us to ran out the building because our hotel caught by fire! And I just take my luggage and handbag and ran out. HAHAH! When we met up, others keep asking, I thought school hour they have those emergency fire practice, and they asked us not to bring anything with you when there's a fire ? 

Yeap, I'm taking everything out. LOL! After that the fire gone, and we went back the hotel and sleep. Such stupid tragic. LOL! Well at least we architecture students learned something, the building's alarm is working. >.>. But my classmates, guys are damn gentlemen. I praise them. I admit it. 

After that night, we went for clubbing. Yeap, for the first time! I would like to thank my classmate guys again. For being gentlemen once again to protect us girls. HAHAHAH I am serious. They're so protective! I guess I should change the way I think of them after all. And then the last night at Penang, we bought all the stuff and BBQ at the beachside, though is scary but, it's fun :))). That night, some of the girls, we played games with the guys till 5am. Gosh. == we're way too crazy though. 

After Penang trip, here's animax'14 

I got dumped aside at the first. Well, normally first day always don't go wrll, only second day is the best of all I guess. Nevermind. Some people talks, they don't think. But it's okay. It means no harm ^^. 

I'm open with everything, as long you don't purposely come and aim me. >.> 

Okay, end of today's blog. Nights! I have exam at 9am later and OH LOOK AT THE TIME. it's almost 4am. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

And so another valentines day had passed long. I promised I would blog monthly to myself and here I am. Nearly late for my own promise. It has been a really really busy month since ever started my uni. Plus lately was having lots of problem. 

I don't usually get angry much on certain stuff unless you really picked the wrong thing. Eventhough there's argument in assignment, that would be assignment only. It does not affect friendship, so I won't do anything that is not related to assignments. It's normal to have conflicts though, if you able to tolerate, you won. And not stabbing people from behind by adding salts and sugar and spice and whatever it is. 

I know what I'm doing, and I know people is true or fake. So beware lah, I still nice to people because I usually know people just have 1 part of being evil, they have no intention to kill you. But sometimes really hard to endure with those shits where you got accused for doing something you did not do. 

Since my reputation is gone, you won. :) 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

So, Chinese New Year is tomorrow :)))

I've been busy since my uni started, and i'm taking max credit hour subject again. Thank god, really, for letting me pass all my subjects, since last sem i did take max credit hour too. But luck isnt always at your side somehow. Before starting my uni, helped my friends shift houses, since they're moving to somewhere far than the LRT station. Oh well, there goes i can't fetch them anymore. Since they're living in a same block with my other classmates, so they sit their car to uni. And sometimes when i fetch them, it feels nostalgic. :( oh well, thats the only fact that i cannot change it.

Feel lonely sometimes. I won't complain much tho. It's over.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey 2014!! I don't expect it come so early but time passed really really fast. Alright, once again I ditched my blog because of my busy life. It's not that I don't want to blog kay, sometimes really don't have the mood to write anything. 

Well, exam passed, worried about 1 subject only, apparently. Others wasn't sure, low confident. Sigh. And yes! Completed year 1!!! Weeeee~ 2 more years for me and I'm leaving msia! Yes! I would really want to leave this country very much. Run away from all the problems I having. 

Sometimes I do know the feeling of being lonely, you'll see, I do admit I experienced much more suffering stuff but hey, there's no comparison with anything. Yeah, currently the mood was terrible, obviously. You got ditched by your best friend because she fucking pms and get to the point, she just chose another friend yah. Don't get why I actually put so much efforts and many hopes on her, end up she's just like this, thrown me aside, leaving me alone. 

But I cannot be mad at her, I must be very tolerate with her. Because if not, it will cause problem. I remained quiet, I will let it go, I don't care what shitty way of talking you gimme, I will endure. Because I know you will say, I treat you the same. Wow, you wanna win an argument with blaming me as the starter. You win. I always lose, I'm always wrong, you always right. It's not I'm being negative, you'll get what you want, not me. I only can say, I will be better, or else, must be better. 

Okay release enough. Since today it's first day of 2014, I've decided to let go everything! Yes! Forget all the painful. New year resolution? Nah, improvement on Cosplay, that's what I can say, result? Please don't fail! Pass it's okay already! Family? I will stay with my parents no matter how. Friends? stay away from problems and drama. Treat those who treat you nice one only. Love? Sorry, nope. Money? YES KEEP IT. 

Well, that's all! Good night! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey readers! Sorry did not blog for one week. Because I'm too busy for assignments. Okay I won't complain much here anymore since I sensed a spy who have been saying a lot about my blog to others. And yes, changed my story too. Please, don't act like you know me too well that I will simply talk about anyone in this blog Kay! I'm enduring your attitude. I did not burst out, I decided to let it go. 

Nowadays, I couldn't trust anyone anymore. No matter how close we are, in the end something would happen. And by that time, everyone will blame me. Is that all you guys wanted? Then I will be the villain of all. I couldn't be a bitch, but you guys are faking me. 

I lost hope. But I will be okay. Because as long I didn't do any stuff that harm people, did not gossip, did not lie then it's okay. I don't need to show off on what I have. The god will see, one day who will be the right one. And the wrong one, will get herself karma. Watch it. 

Continue with your business lah. I won't interrupt, take all the credits for yourself. Karma will hit you. 

Okay exam! Byee!